Combining data, mathematical models and software to create a positive impact on life.


AI360 Discovery

We assist you to discover how AI applications can impact your business. What doe AI stands for, what does it mean, what could it bring for your organisation. How should we prioritise, which preparations are needed…

We help you discover in a systematic way how AI can create value to your business, and help you set out your company's roadmap such that you don't miss out on the important stuff.

Project Development

PropheSea creates value with your data by delivering artificial intelligence solutions tailored to your business-needs. We guide you from proof of concept to production, in the cloud or on premises. Our solutions allow to:

  • Obtain actionable insights in your business processes
  • Measure more accurately
  • Understand what is happening and diagnose why
  • Foretell the future
  • Measure more frequent and with a higher accuracy
  • Automate (smart) decision - making

We deliver artificial intelligence solutions and enable the live deployment, on premises or in the cloud.


We strongly believe that sharing knowledge is a necessity for future success. Your team of developers must maximize the usage of technical possibilities to keep your organisation ahead. This is why PropheSea opens up its way of working, gives you insights to the basics of AI.

Be aware, this is not a managerial course to get an overview of AI possibilities but a technical formation on programming techniques.

"“We were really satisfied with the collaboration with PropheSea. The entire project went smooth, from project initiation to deployment.”

Pieter Vaes
Project Manager DEME Group

"During the entire project cycle, PropheSea promoted an agile attitude to come up with solutions even in non-ideal situations, leading to great results. Working with PropheSea means open, transparant communication and qualitative reporting."

Chris Desomer
Project Manager .Ocean

"Due to PropheSea’s proactive and flexible attitude, the surrogate model was delivered with a short throughput time while maintaining the highest quality level. "

Nicholas Van Damme
Research and Development Engineer DEME Group




Our mission is to accelerate your business by creating custom predictive software. Our predictive models can be data-driven, building upon state-of-the-art machine learning technology, or by solving mathematical equations.


We aim to build trustworthy predictive models. Thereto, we seek transparency and explainability in our models; and pursue the mitigation of any unfair bias. We are committed to provide secure solutions which protect personal information.
In order to build a thrustworthy relationship, we align ourselves as a partner for our clients and stakeholders while developing your innovation. Similarly, we set the bar high in terms of code of ethics.

Our approach

We guide you from proof of concept to production. To this end, we keep in mind the TDS process model which entails five iterative stages.
PropheSea can help you at each stage and provides guidance throughout the entire process:

  • identify use cases
  • evaluate if and how predictive software can accelerate your business
  • build custom predictive solutions
  • deployment of your tailored predictive software


Business Development Lead

Filled June 2022

Full stack data-scientist (freelance)

Are you a developing octopus? Do you have experience solving problems using machine learning technology? But do you also like to develop frontend and backend applications?

Hi, nice to meet you! Glad we caught your attention.

At PropheSea, we excel at creating value by developing custom predictive software. Our solutions help optimize and automate business processes by using state-of-the-art machine learning technology, or by solving physics-based equations. We guide our clients from proof of concept to production and are not satisfied until our software solution delivers significant value when used in production.

To execute our growing number of projects and accelerate our internal product development, we are looking for a Full Stack Data Scientist (freelance). In this role you will be responsible for the development of our internal product on weather and AI and (depending on the agenda) you will be involved in the execution of machine learning projects. You have a key role at PropheSea. As such, we are looking for an individual who meets the following:

  • You have knowledge and experience in the various aspects of running Machine Learning projects (exploration, model training, putting projects into production)
  • You have knowledge of front-end development and can also handle setting up a backend application
  • Technologies (libraries) that are relevant include: Vue.js, FastAPI, PyTorch, Dask, Xarray, Scikit-Learn, OR-Tools, ..
  • Technologies (methodologies) that are relevant include: Transfer Learning, Transformers, Constraint Optimization, Computer Vision, Clustering, ..
  • You have a can-do mentality and love making a difference
  • Understanding of physics-based predictive modeling is a plus
  • You have high ethical standards
  • You are able to work independently but are also a true team player
  • Affinity with the maritime (logistics, civil engineering) and (renewable) energy sectors is considered a great advantage
  • You have excellent communication skills

Then contact us at or +32 486 94 18 47 .

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